Postdoctoral Researcher Fellowship, Cell Biology of Host-Pathogen Interaction Laboratory, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal

The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) is welcoming applications to a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (BI-PD) within the project 223192/A/21/Z, entitled: “A systems-biology approach to identify Toxoplasma effectors that co-opt host cell transcription and their function in immune system suppression” financed by The Wellcome Trust Investigator Award in Science, with the following conditions:

  1. Duration: The fellowship duration, according to the IGC Research Fellowship Regulation approved by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, IP (FCT) is 12 months, renewable for up to 3 years. The fellowship contract is expected to start in September 2023, under the exclusiveness regime as required by the Research Fellowship Regulation of FCT.
  2. Subject of Activities: We are looking for a postdoc with a recent PhD interested to work on host-pathogen interaction. We are interested to find out how various strains of Toxoplasma can infect a wide range of hosts. More speficically, we are interested in identifying the proteins the parasite secretes into its host cell, how they alter the host cell behaviour to their need, and which of these are specific to certain hosts. In this project we want to identify novel host-cell transcriptional regulators the parasite exports into the host cell using state-of-the-art single cell PerturbSeq methods we developed in the lab. To identify the function of selected effectors we use cell biology and biochemistry techniques and investigate their relevance in a natural infection model using immunology methods. We are building a diverse team of cell biologists, immunologists and computational biologists for this Wellcome Trust funded work. We are looking for teamplayers that can drive their individual project to develop their niche. We provide a stimulating and supportive research environment.

3. Scientific Guidance: The selected candidate will join the Cell Biology of Host-Pathogen

Interaction laboratory (, headed by Dr. Moritz Treeck.

4. Academic Profile and Admission Requirements: A recent PhD (< 3 years) in live sciences is essential. We are looking for candidates with:

i) Experience in innate immunology biology, cell biology/ transcriptional control, biochemistry and genetic modifications of mammalian cells is desired;

ii) Candidates must be able to work in a team as well as independently;

iii) Applicants must supply a specific cover letter detailing whey they are interested in this project and where they think they can bring strengths, and areas they would like to develop;

iv) Effective verbal and written communication skills in English.

If the qualification has been conferred by a foreign higher education institution it must be recognized by a Portuguese higher education institution, under the terms of the provisions of article 25.º of Decree-Law n.º 66/2018, of August 16th (, which approves the legal regime of recognition of academic degrees and diplomas of Higher Education, attributed by foreign higher education institutions, and of paragraph e) of n.º 2 of article 4.º of Decree-Law n.º 60/2018, of August 3rd, and any formalities established therein must be fulfilled by the date of the hiring act. The jury reserves the right to invite the candidate ranked immediately after to the position in question when the first ranked candidate is

not recognized with the academic degree after the aforementioned formalities have been fulfilled.

5. For Portuguese taxpayers: All candidates that where/are currently taxpayers in Portugal are required to present evidence of the fulfillment of their individual obligations towards the Portuguese Tax Authority and Social Security. Failure to comply with this requirement will be considered as a criteria for exclusion from the recruitment process.

6. Applicable legislation and Regulation: All candidates must comply with the IGC

Research Fellowship Regulation; Research Fellowship Statutes amended by Decree nº 123/2019 of August 28th; FCT Legislation and Regulations for Fellowships and the Decree-Law n.º 66/2018, of August 16th (Legal regime for recognition of academic degrees and diplomas of higher education awarded by foreign higher education institutions).

7. Subsidy Month Stipend: 2.200,00€/month according to the table of monthly maintenance allowance amounts set out in Annex I of IGC Research Fellowship Regulation. The payment will be made by bank transfer. The selected candidate may be reimbursed the amount corresponding to the contribution to Voluntary Social Security.

8. How to submit applications: Interested candidates should send their applications to [email protected] with subject “Applicant Name_BI-PD_ 223192/A/21/Z”, with a single PDF file named “Applicant Name_BI-PD_ 223192/A/21/Z.pdf” containing:

a. Motivation Letter (1 page max);

b. Curriculum Vitae;

c. Doctoral certificate and Summary of research achievements (1 page);

d. Contacts of 3 references (name, email and phone number);

e. Other documents relevant for the evaluation of the application.

9. Methods of Selection and Evaluation: Applications will be evaluated according to

Curriculum and previous experience (60%), motivation letter (20%). References nominated by the candidates shall be consulted, if necessary (10%). In case of a tie, the candidates in this situation will be interviewed (10%) focusing on the research outcomes of the candidate. The decision is made by nominal vote of the selection panel members, in accordance with eligibility and selection criteria, with no abstentions allowed. The final results will be presented on a scale from 0 to 100.

10. Jury Selection: Chair: Dr. Moritz Treeck, Vowels: Dr. Vera Martins and Dr. Maria Joao Amorim. Substitute: Dr. Walden Kwang.

11. Form of Advertising / Notification of results: The assessment results will be sent to all candidates by email. There will be 10 working days for complaints/appeals after the date of publication of the Selection Minute.

12. Application Period: From 09/05/2023 until 08/06/2023.

13. Non-discrimination and equal access policy: The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation actively promotes a non-discrimination and equal access policy, wherefore no candidate can be privileged, benefitted, impaired or deprived of any rights whatsoever, or be exempt of any duties based on ancestry, age, sex, sexual preference, marital status, family and economic conditions, education, origin or social conditions, genetic heritage, reduced work capacity, disability, chronic illness, nationality, ethnic origin or race, origin territory, language, religion, political or ideological convictions and union membership.

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