Advantages And Duty Of Corper’s Liaison Officer CLO

Advantages And Duty Advantages And Duty Of Corper’s Liaison Officer CLO : After leaving the national youth service corps (NYSC) orientation camp, corps members go to their place of primary assignment (PPA). Like sheep without shepherds in a foreign land, these corps members need a leader to guide and protect them in their new terrain.

That is where the local government inspector (LGI) or local inspector (LI) with area liaison officer (ALO) and local government officer (LGO) work together with the corper’s liaison officer (CLO) to assist them.

LGI or LI, ALO and LGO are NYSC officials responsible for the coordination of corp members in their area. The CLO is a corp member. They are either elected by corp members or selected by the LGI or LI.

Duty Of Corp Liaison Officer (CLO)

As a middleman between NYSC officials, especially the LI and the other corp members in the area, there are so many responsibilities. They are;

1. Notify the LI on available PPA for each profession

2. Assist the LI in clearance of corp member

3. Assist the LI on registration of new corp member on the book of life and how to fill their forms

4. Run errands for the LI on matters relating to NYSC.

5. Take bus to NYSC orientation camp to bring in new corp member

6. Use money from donors agency to feed and cater for the welfare of new corp ember until they get their accommodation

7. Coordinates CDS meeting

Advantages Of Corpers Liaison Officer (CLO)

Leadership roles come with responsibility and benefits. Clo is not an exception. The position comes with some benefits. That includes;

1. Respect by fellow corp member

2. Learning valuable skills such as leadership skill and public speaking

3. Connection within corp member as you get to interact with most corp member and NYSC official as you get to interact with many NYSC official

4. Boost CV as you will she given a certificate in recognition of your contribution to NYSC

5. The position does not come with payment but comes with minor ways you can make money. For example, a CLO wrote to NYSC officials about the need for all corps members in the area to farm a particular food. He demanded fertilizer. When NYSC granted the request, the majority of the corpember were no longer interested. The clo has to sign that all corp members have taken their fertilizer. He sold all the fertilizer when the price was high in the market.